Skylane Electric highly recommends upgrading of Federal Pacific type fuse and circuit breaker panels.  Many Insurance Companies insist that this equipment be removed.  ALL - Home Inspectors will violate this equipment!!  Contact Skylane Electric for further details.

Skylane Electric is a full service electrical contractor.  Below is a summary of services offered.  We can handle any and all of your electrical needs.  Please contact us for a FREE estimate.

Spa/Hot Tubs - 110 Volt and 220 Volt Circuits.

Complete Troubleshooting Service - No Power to Outlets, Dead Shorts, etc...

Ceiling Fan Replacement and Complete Installations.

Installations of 220 Volt Circuits.

Complete Safety Inspections with Detailed Written Report.

Home Inspection Violations Correction - Be Ready Before You Sell.

Pulling Down Underground Meter Bases Repaired, Replaced.

Dedicated Circuits for Personal Computers, Big Screen and Wall Mounted Televisions.

Phone, CATV and CAT5/6 Installations.

Fuse Panel to Circuit Breaker Conversions.

Panel Amps Upgrade.

Update Circuit Breaker Panels.

Electrical Service Upgrade.

Grounding Upgrades.

Covert Overhead Service Wires to Underground.

Any Room Wiring Upgrades.

Kitchen Remodels including Dedicated Appliance Circuits.

Lighting Upgrades - LED Recessed Lighting.

Dedicated Exterior Receptacles for General Use And Christmas Lighting.

Garage Rewires and Upgrades.

Trench Work - Power To Garages, Sheds And Outbuildings.

Underground Wire Locating and Underground Fault Locating. Complete Repairs. 

Complete Code Compliant Electrical Installations for Above Ground and In Ground Swimming Pools.  

Complete Gas Line Installations for Generators and Gas Swimming Pools Heaters.

Whole House and Portable Generator Installations.

Lamp Post Repairs or Complete Installations.

Security/ Exterior Lighting.

Wiring of Room Additions.

Installations of Baseboard and Forced Air Heaters.